HB 4675 is in the Judiciary Committee. Please write and call all members of the committee. Here are some highlights of why you would like HB 4675 to pass:

* Allows retail sales directly at the brewery. Freshness, supports local economy, environmentally conscious, encourages more craft breweries in SC. This includes growler sales and bottles direct from the brewery!

* Tastings and Tours! Encourages education of beer, direct marketing for the brewery and again supports local economy and encourages community.

All of this is more tax revenue for our state (as more beer is sold)!

List of Judiciary Committee Members:

Judiciary (Privileges & Elections)
Subcommittee Assignments

Harrison, James H. , Chm. McLeod, Walton J. , 1st V.C. Herbkersman, William G. “Bill” , 2nd V.C.
Allen, Karl B. Bannister, Bruce W. Clemmons, Alan D.
Coleman, Creighton B. Crawford, Kristopher R. “Kris” Delleney, F. Gregory “Greg” , Jr.
Hagood, Ben A. , Jr. Haskins, Gloria Arias Jennings, Douglas , Jr.
Kelly, R. Keith Mulvaney, J. Michael “Mick” Rutherford, J. Todd
Scott, John L. , Jr. Smith, Fletcher N. , Jr. Smith, G. Murrell , Jr.
Smith, Garry R. Smith, James E. , Jr. Stavrinakis, Leonidas E. “Leon”
Talley, Scott F. Viers, Thad T. Weeks, J. David
Whipper, J. Seth Dennis, Patrick G. , Chief Counsel Goldsmith, Bonnie , Asst. Staff Counsel
Anderson, Linda C. , Exec. Secy.

Also, here is a “cut and paste” list of ALL House members (Remember to put them in the blind copy):
AgnewP@schouse.org, AlexanderT@schouse.org, KBA@schouse.org, AndersonC@schouse.org, AnthonyM@schouse.org, JCB@schouse.org, BallentineN@schouse.org, BannisterB@schouse.org, LDB@schouse.org, jab@schouse.org, BedingfieldE@schouse.org, KAB@schouse.org, BowenD@schouse.org, WKB@schouse.org, BradyJ@schouse.org, BranhamL@schouse.org, BrantleyC@schouse.org, FB@schouse.org, GB@schouse.org, RLB@schouse.org, HLC@schouse.org, CeipsC@schouse.org, ChalkR@schouse.org, CAC@schouse.org, ClemmonsA@schouse.org, WC@schouse.org, gch@schouse.org, cbc@schouse.org, HWM@schouse.org, WFC@schouse.org, CrawfordK@schouse.org, TMD@schouse.org, GRD@schouse.org, fgd@schouse.org, DuncanJ@schouse.org, TE@schouse.org, MBF@schouse.org, FunderburkL@schouse.org, GambrellM@schouse.org, JNG@schouse.org, GullickC@schouse.org, HagoodB@schouse.org, HaleyN@schouse.org, GLH@schouse.org, HardwickN@schouse.org, HSP@schouse.org, HJU@schouse.org, HartC@schouse.org, HarvinC@schouse.org, GAH@schouse.org, JH@schouse.org,
HerbkersmanB@schouse.org, HinsonS@schouse.org, HiottD@schouse.org, HodgesK@schouse.org, LH1@schouse.org, LH@schouse.org, ch@schouse.org, JeffersonJ@schouse.org, DJ@schouse.org, KellyK@schouse.org, KK@schouse.org, KnightP@schouse.org, RWL@schouse.org, HBL@schouse.org, LFL@schouse.org, DAL@schouse.org, LoweP@schouse.org, JL@schouse.org, DJM@schouse.org, MahaffeyJ@schouse.org, WJM@schouse.org, JM1@schouse.org, VOM@schouse.org, MITCHELLH@schouse.org, bam@schouse.org, MossD@schouse.org, MulvaneyM@schouse.org, jmn@schouse.org, JN@schouse.org, DWN@schouse.org, HLO@schouse.org, owensp@schouse.org, JAP@schouse.org, RSP@schouse.org, ORP@schouse.org, PinsonG@schouse.org, PittsT@schouse.org, RFR@schouse.org, JTR@schouse.org, WES@schouse.org, WBS@schouse.org, JLS@schouse.org, SellersB@schouse.org, ShoopmanP@schouse.org, JGS@schouse.org, SkeltonBR@schouse.org, DCS@schouse.org, FNS@schouse.org, GMS@schouse.org,
SmithG@schouse.org, JS@schouse.org, RepSmith@JamesSmith.org, SPT@schouse.org, SpiresK@schouse.org, StavL@schouse.org, StewartJ@schouse.org, SFT@schouse.org, at@schouse.org, MT@schouse.org, TooleM@schouse.org, UmphlettD@schouse.org, VickT@schouse.org, ViersT@schouse.org,
REW@schouse.org, JDW@schouse.org, JSW@schouse.org, WBW@schouse.org, WilliamsR@schouse.org, WDW@schouse.org, ADY@schouse.org

or try this to open a .doc with emails: House “Cut and Paste” List