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Aiken Based Brewpub will bring the beer on tap Super Bowl Weekend.

Aiken, South Carolina – January 20, 2008 – After almost eleven years in operation Aiken Brewing Company is celebrating a milestone to which all small, neighborhood craft brewpubs aspire. On Super Bowl Weekend, it will pull its millionth pint! The brewpub, featuring a seven barrel brewery which produced over four hundred thirty-five barrels last year, has brewed Randy’s Grand Cru, a 2003 Great American Beer Festival silver medal winner, to commemorate the occasion. “We would never have been able to do this were it not for the continued, enthusiastic support of our customers over this almost eleven years. They are truly remarkable and validate the idea that a “neighborhood” brewpub not only can survive, but thrive in a small town like Aiken.” stated Jennifer Pruiett, Aiken Brewing Company Owner and General Manager. Additionally, Ms. Pruiett lauded her Brewery Staff, headed by Brew Master Randy Doucet, for their outstanding efforts in meeting the increased demand for the “Pub’s” craft brewed beers. “In the past two years, we’ve had almost a thirty percent increase in craft brewed beer sales, and it’s a true testament to the skill and dedication of our brewery staff that they’ve been able to support us with their customary enthusiasm and high quality.” Added Ms. Pruiett. Aiken Brewing Company will have eight beers on tap for the celebration Super Bowl Weekend including: Thoroughbred Red; Randy’s Grand Cru, flavored with coriander, honey and orange peel; Powder House Porter; West Coast Pale Ale; Jenny Cream Ale; a high gravity “Wee Heavy” Scotch Ale; a Doppelbock; and Honey Wheat. For information on additional upcoming activities, menu selections or directions visit us at our website: or call us at (803) 502-0707.


Yes, there in Alabama but they want what we just fought for: More craft beer choices!

Free The Hops invites those in the Birmingham area to join in boycotting Budweiser products distributed by Birmingham Budweiser. FTH has called this boycott because of underhanded tactics of Birmingham Budweiser and its leadership in opposing local legislation which would legalize gourmet beer in Jefferson County.

Members of FTH will no longer purchase or consume any Budweiser products in Jefferson County and we urge all of our non-member supporters to do the same.

For more details about the boycott, please see FTH’s official press release and the news coverage below.

January 22, 2008
Alabama Craft Beer Group Calls for Birmingham Boycott of Anheuser-Busch Products, FTH Press Release

January 22, 2008
Boycott Coverage on ABC 33/40, ABC 33/40, Birmingham

Thanks for making the Magic City Brewfest a Success!

The first annual Magic City Brewfest, held on Saturday, June 2nd at Sloss Furnaces, was a huge success. Free The Hops would like to thank everyone involved: the organizers, volunteers, sponsoring restaurants and brewers, the bands, event staff, anyone else who helped out that we’ve left off, and of course, everyone who attended. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. And we hope you’ll be part of the 2nd Annual Magic City Brewfest when the time comes. For more details about this year’s event, see Danner’s blog post about it: Wow. Just… wow.

A new tradition of beer culture in Alabama has begun.

Help us Free The Hops!

Alabama is one of only three states in the country that limits alcohol by volume (ABV) for beer to only 6%, and the only state that limits beer containers to a size of no more than 1 pint (16 American ounces).

As statewide Prohibition came to end in Alabama, the only politically viable avenue open to those who wanted the sale of alcohol to once again be legal in the state was to place heavy restrictions on that sale. What, when, where, and how alcohol could be sold were all strictly controlled by the legislation which legalized alcohol sales in Alabama—four years after National Prohibition was repealed.

Many states placed similar restrictions on alcohol immediately after Prohibition was repealed. Yet while the rest of the country has progressed beyond the attitude of Prohibition, Alabama retains artificial and antiquated limits on the sale of beer. This limits consumer choice; stifles the state’s beer, retail and restaurant businesses; and limits state tax revenue as thousands of Alabamians purchase their specialty beer in neighboring states.

Let’s join the rest of the country and Free The Hops!