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A quick update on PTCSC for 2008:

Representative Bill Herbkersman has agreed to sponsor our bill come January. I am working on the language of the bill so it covers everything. I know as a microbrewery, we want on site sales firectly to consumers (growler fills, bottles) and we know we will have to put a limit on the annual allowed capacity- but how much? I am also going to try to speak with potential adversaries to see what they might be against in the bill and see if we can reach a compromise now, before the bill is drawn up. That being said, I do think we will get some opposition from the big wholesalers. It will take as much citizen support as the alcohol cap fight did, I hope ya’ll are ready!

Stay tuned for updates. Also, if you know someone in the politics and legal world who would be willing to help with the cause- send em my way!