We believe that microbreweries in SC have the right to on premise sales and consumption. If someone wants to come fill a growler fresh from the tap, they should be able to do that. If you want a keg for your next gathering, you should be able to stop on by. Now, that’s not to say distributors should be cut out, not at all. A good distributor is worth their weight in gold if they care about your product and deal with all the aspects of sales and service. I personally have no desire to deal with restaurants, pubs and stores and worry about the logistics of getting my beer where it needs to go.  However, what I do at my place of business should have nothing to do with my distributor. In fact, I think it will spur more craft beer sales and instate breweries if the law changes. And that’s good for everyone; breweries, distributors and the consumer. We must keep on par with the current growth of craftbeer and our sister state North Carolina. We’re even down with putting a cap of on-site sales, just like NC has. I spoke with Rep. Herbkersman and he is open to this bill; even though it cannot be written until January. We can start a campaign now  by contacting our legislators, especially in your area. Look for more info soon! As always, if you have contacts, ideas, advice, etc….please feel free to contact me.