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HB 3457, one aspect addressing container size was signed by the Governor yesterday. Now the minimum container size for the new beer is 6.5 oz. instead of 10 oz. Nice to have even more options.


The hour is drawing near on this bill but I’m gonna post anyway. If you didn’t get enough letter writing in during the main Pop the Cap SC campaign, now’s your chance. This bill (originally addressing permitting and wine tasting) has an amendment to our amendment. In short, the 10 oz. or larger container amendment to our alcohol bill is being ratified to go to 6.5 oz container or larger sizes- so it’s a good thing. It is going to the governor tomorrow so he’s the only one you would need to contact. Here’s the bill: 

 wonder who pushed for this? Not too many beers under 10 oz. size….interesting.

If you haven’t seen the page “beer stores in charleston” check it out. I am trying to help people locate good beer finds in our area. I gotta say, Bi-lo in Mt. P was a pleasant surprise! Here’s a recap:

Bi-Lo ( at I’on) had a bunch: 3 St. Bernardus, Rogue Imperial Pale and Stout (in the large ceramic bottles- not badly priced at  under $15.), several from Brasserie Caracole: Nostrodamus, Saxo, Troublette, Caracole Ambree, most in both 750 mL and 4 packs. There were also a few other surprises that I can’t remember now- mostly belgians. Plus a good selection of other craft beers at decent prices; several from Highland among others. No Victory though.

O’Hara and Flynn
1640 Palmetto Grande Dr
Thursday, June 7 from 5pm till 8ish, Drew will be tasting another variety of great high-gravity beers!
Cost is $5, 10% discount for anything bought during and after the tasting!
Highlighted beers might include:
St. Bernardous Prior 8
St. Bernardous Tripel
St. Bernardous Abt. 12
Piraat Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Hitachino Japanese Nest Pale Ale