Don’t want to bump my last post on emailing the reps. but I also wanted to give a blurb about the beer dinner. First let me say the EVO guys were phenomenal! The food was incredible and David did a superb job of pairing, everything went perfect together. Here are a few of the beers we had: Victory St. Victorious and Golden Monkey, Allagash Dubble and Curieux, Avery Maharaja, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (with key lime pie on a stick by Sublime- outrageously good!). Thanks again to David Gonzalez with Global Brewer’s Guild and Advintage Distributing. If your ever in Asheville, stop by Bruisin’ Ales, they’re selection and expertise is off the wall and they were nice enough to give us a discount. It was truly an awesome event- I really might need to make it more of a regular thing!(Although- I will add that I guess we went a little overboard with all the goodies and didn’t quite break even so next time I am sure we will have to up the price a little-sorry).

I’ll post the pics from the dinner soon…

Now, see the post below and send some last minute emails!