Since there has been so much confusion as to who the folks behind Pop the Cap SC, I figured I’d try to clear it up:

Jaime Tenny (that’s me) and David Merritt; David is the brewer at Palmetto Brewing Co. in Charleston and together we are opening our own micro, Coast Brewing Co.

Dan Herman is our media relations go to guy, he’s up in Greenville.

Bobby Congdon is our graphic designer volunteer who has whipped up that marvelous brochure; also in the Upstate.

Sean Wilson, while technically not a Pop the Cap SC person, he runs the NC group and has done so much for our cause I consider him one. He has certainly volunteered enough hours to us.

David Gustavson works for Blue Ridge/Foothills Brewing and has certainly done his share; meetings in Columbia, spreadin’ the word…..

I hope that helps clarify.

This is certainly not the complete list of players, many people have given time and energy into helping South Carolina become a world class beer state.

Let me add that a fella named John Cleary started a myspace page for PTCSC ( Anything to do with that page please direct to him, anything to do with the group itself please send my way. It can be difficult to keep things straight as we grow so I want to make sure it’s clear as to who is who.  Now bring on the beer (a Maharaja sounds good right about now!)