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Well, the wait is killing me…….no updates to give, just waiting. Anyone want to join me in a midnight salute to SC Craft beer on Wednesday (confused????- It’s Wednesday midnight/Thursday morning). Sounds a tad cheesy, but I’ve been waiting so long, I know I’ll want to celebrate. So get your hands on something that at 11:59 would be illegal….and at the stroke of midnight—-woohoo- totally on the right side of the law for once! Either this barleywine went straight to my head or I’m a bit anxious.

Anyone else half looney with the wait??? And with what will you indulge at midnight?

 So, I hear no HG products can be sold until June 1. No one has been able to confirm this though. As long as I know the law has passed, I can wait. No complaints here.


HB 3218 was ratified yesterday. The 5 day period starts today. Governor Sanford has 5 days (not including Sunday) to act. Veto, sign or nothing and the bill will become law Wednesday at midnight!

I’ve written an official Pop the Cap SC letter to Sanford. While we have heard he is for the bill, I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I also figured it would be good for him to learn a little about Pop the Cap SC, so…..if you want to send him a letter as well, here’s his contact:

Governor Mark Sanford                                                                                                                   

Office of the Governor

P.O Box 12267

Columbia, SC 29211

Fax: 1-803-734-5167

If you want to email him you have to use the form on his site.

Well, after an emotional day (for those watching) 3218 heads to the Governor!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was delayed and we all thought it was a bad sign and the day was over. But Dan hung on and watched and sure enough, 3218 was brought up again and PASSED! It has to be ratified (just an administrative step). Then to  the Governor, he has 3 choices. He can veto it, sign it immediately, or sit on it (his official position would be neutral)- it would then become law after 5 days. I really don’t see him vetoing this. This could all happen with 2 weeks, depending on how long it takes to get ratified.

I think we’ve got it! They were inundated with emails by the way. Thanks Everyone!

Here is a link to the bill and it’s timeline:                      HB 3218

Don’t want to bump my last post on emailing the reps. but I also wanted to give a blurb about the beer dinner. First let me say the EVO guys were phenomenal! The food was incredible and David did a superb job of pairing, everything went perfect together. Here are a few of the beers we had: Victory St. Victorious and Golden Monkey, Allagash Dubble and Curieux, Avery Maharaja, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (with key lime pie on a stick by Sublime- outrageously good!). Thanks again to David Gonzalez with Global Brewer’s Guild and Advintage Distributing. If your ever in Asheville, stop by Bruisin’ Ales, they’re selection and expertise is off the wall and they were nice enough to give us a discount. It was truly an awesome event- I really might need to make it more of a regular thing!(Although- I will add that I guess we went a little overboard with all the goodies and didn’t quite break even so next time I am sure we will have to up the price a little-sorry).

I’ll post the pics from the dinner soon…

Now, see the post below and send some last minute emails!

Alright guys! We’re in the home stretch—the bill is up for concurrnece this week. This is our final push for our bill. Please copy and paste to ALL HOUSE MEMBERS by Tuesday night if you can. This bill might be up as early as Wednesday. Now’s the time! Go to :  and send the following:

 Members of “Pop the Cap SC” request that the House concur with Senate amendments on H. 3218.  Pop the Cap SC is a grass roots effort started by a group of citizens who enjoy craft beers.  By raising the alcohol content limit, South Carolina will bring its law in conformity with that of 46 other states and will allow the sale of craft beers.  Throughout the world, these beers are revered for their style and complexities much like fine wine.  46 other states allow beer enthusiasts the ability to enjoy a full range of these world class beers.  By limiting consumer choice, one-third of the world’s beer styles cannot be sold in South Carolina.  H. 3218 contains the compromise amendment that was agreed to by representatives from MADD and DAODAS.  The amendment provides that containers of craft beer must be 10 oz. or greater.

 Here is an easier to use list of ALL House Rep. emails (just copy and paste into your blind copy)-thanks John for typing this up.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3218 is up for final approval (after making it through the Senate) on Wednesday. Let’s make a final push for this bill. Contact the House Reps and let ’em know you support craft beer in SC.

 Here’s the House List:

Here is the sample letter again:

Below is a sample letter to help you get started writing our representatives:

(your address)


Dear Representative (last name),                                             

(Introduce yourself as a constituent, mention the town you live in, and tell them that you would like them to support specialty beer in South Carolina) (Ask them to support House Bill 3218 and tell them briefly what it’s all about) (Provide a talking point or two from the list as to why the bill should be approved) (Tell them how this law personally effects you, or tell a story about the most you’ve ever spent on a single bottle of beer…something to personalize the letter and make it sound like YOU wrote it) 

(Close by once again asking them to support HB3218.  Give them a final takeaway.)  (Recommend that they visit for more info and for a list of the many businesses supporting HB3218). (Thank them for their time and service) 



 Wanted to let everyone know that we will be at the Ballpark of Beers this Saturday.We usually haven’t attended this event in the past but we’re hoping this year things will start to change for the better- with the craft beer scene exploding! We’ll be talking about Pop the Cap SC and giving out some info sheets as well. Come see us at the Palmetto Brewery table and introduce yourself. It’d be nice to meet you guys in person….

The House delayed the vote on 3218 until Wednesday, April 18.

Could be for several reasons, hopefully not bad. They might just need more time to go over it since it has been amended since it first came through the House.

Since there has been so much confusion as to who the folks behind Pop the Cap SC, I figured I’d try to clear it up:

Jaime Tenny (that’s me) and David Merritt; David is the brewer at Palmetto Brewing Co. in Charleston and together we are opening our own micro, Coast Brewing Co.

Dan Herman is our media relations go to guy, he’s up in Greenville.

Bobby Congdon is our graphic designer volunteer who has whipped up that marvelous brochure; also in the Upstate.

Sean Wilson, while technically not a Pop the Cap SC person, he runs the NC group and has done so much for our cause I consider him one. He has certainly volunteered enough hours to us.

David Gustavson works for Blue Ridge/Foothills Brewing and has certainly done his share; meetings in Columbia, spreadin’ the word…..

I hope that helps clarify.

This is certainly not the complete list of players, many people have given time and energy into helping South Carolina become a world class beer state.

Let me add that a fella named John Cleary started a myspace page for PTCSC ( Anything to do with that page please direct to him, anything to do with the group itself please send my way. It can be difficult to keep things straight as we grow so I want to make sure it’s clear as to who is who.  Now bring on the beer (a Maharaja sounds good right about now!)