We’ve been thinking about how to deal with media coverage with this bill in action. Honestly, I didn’t know if taking the “under the radar” approach like we did last year would be the best approach this year. Well after spekaing with the lobbyist, the president of Total Wine and a few Reps. we all agree: definitely. Stay under the radar, out of full mainstream media; at least for now. The subcommittee is scheduled to hear the bill March 28 and then we’ll see how things stand. The lobbyist stated that the mainstream media could garner opposition to the bill. That does make things harder for us though, I think. That means more leg work on our part since some Reps. and Senators will not have heard of this until it is front of them. That is where some educational literature will come in handy. We have to step up our efforts of contacting our politicinas and voicing our support! The business list will be updated and sent with the literature to all Reps. but the businesses themselves also need to send letters on their letterhead; this will really help. One more thing the lobbyist said:

“Also, Rep. Herbkersman told me today that he was aware of and pleased with response from emails being sent to House members.  Please continue this type of contact”

We are making a difference! Keep it up!