Below is a sample letter to help you get started writing our representatives:

(your address)


Dear Representative (last name),                                             (Introduce yourself as a constituent, mention the town you live in, and tell them that you would like them to support specialty beer in South Carolina) (Ask them to support House Bill 3624 and tell them briefly what it’s all about) (Provide a talking point or two from the list as to why the bill should be approved) (Tell them how this law personally effects you, or tell a story about the most you’ve ever spent on a single bottle of beer…something to personalize the letter and make it sound like YOU wrote it) 

(Close by once again asking them to support HB3624.  Give them a final takeaway.)  (Recommend that they visit for more info and for a list of the many businesses supporting HB3624). (Thank them for their time and service)