It is HB # 3624. Please go to the House of Representatives website … ebios.html
and contact the Representatives you see above who helped co-sponsor this bill. Just click on their names and their contact info will be listed. If you can please write, email and call each of them, thanking them and expressing your support. If you are in their constituency, make sure you note that. And if your from out of state, give your reasons why SC needs to pass this.
After that, we will work on contacting the other Reps. who didn’t sign on to encourage them to vote favorably. After it passes throught the House we will move onto contacting the Senate and expressing our support there. One step at a time. Each and every Rep. you can contact is one step closer!

Check out an upstate meeting being held March 10 at Blue Ridge Brewing.We can’t be there but our local chapter folks will be and it will be a fantastic craft beer event!

Thanks for all your support