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Contact List

Get ready to start calling, typing and writing. Here are all the contacts you need. Start with Herbkersman to thank him. Then the other Reps. with full contact info listed. Ask them to co-sponsor this bill. Then I listed recommended Reps. Start with the ones where you live.

The meeting in Columbia went great. The big news was that Representative Bill Herbkersman has offered to sponsor our bill! More will be posted (along with the assigned number) when it gets written up this week. Please call/write him a big thank-you ( We are working on gettting co-sponsors for this bill. I will attach the list of Reps. who we think are interested in doing this, in my next post. I will also post the agenda for that meeting as well as pictures.

Thanks to all who came and shared great beers. And of course to John, at CW’s, who took great care of us!

I have unofficial word that the Exec. Director for the Beer wholesaler’s as well as the beer director for Green’s will be there. And who knows who else might show up?! This should prove to be a very proactive and important meeting.

Be there.

Please post here if you want to carpool to Columbia. Post your location and let’s see if we can’t get some folks together and save a few pounds of CO2.

Our next meeting will be January 20 at around Noon at Cw’s Taproom in Columbia.
Cw’s Tap Room
1260 Bower Parkway
Columbia, South Carolina, 29212
United States
phone: (803) 781-1909

Again, bring ideas and suggestions. Petions, copies of letter/emails written. Anyone you know and anyone they know who wants to help.

More details soon.