South Carolina is one of only FOUR states to limit alcohol by weight (ABW) for beer to under 5%.

Thanks to the state’s antiquated definition of beer, nearly one-third of the world’s beer styles are illegal to brew or sell. This artificial cap limits consumer choice, stifles the state’s beer, retail and restaurant businesses, and limits state tax revenue as thousands of South Carolinians drive to Georgia and North Carolina to purchase their specialty beer.

With its 5% ABW (6% alcohol by volume) cap, South Carolina joins West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas as the only states in the nation with a severly low alcohol cap on beer.

Pop the Cap SC! is a grassroots advocacy group committed to lifting the 5% alcohol by weight cap for beer brewed and sold in South Carolina. We’re gearing up to change this law in 2006! Keep up with the latest news and find out what you can do to help pop the cap